Thousands attend Ron Paul rally in Boise

Thousands attend Ron Paul rally in Boise
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Ron Paul was the third Republican presidential hopeful in a week to make his way through the City of Trees. He addressed thousands at CenturyLink Arena in downtown Boise Saturday.

Paul talked history with an emphasis on the role of government, the constitution and individual liberty.

"I see brightness in our future as long as we prevail, and as long as we know that it is liberty that we want and not dependency on government," said Ron Paul, a Republican presidential candidate. "That is what made America great."

"Opt for liberty - not the government taking care of us. Governments can't take care of us. They can't make us better people. They cannot protect us from ourselves. We have to understand individual liberty and responsibility."

The crowd cheered frequently, occasionally erupting into "President Paul" chants and standing ovations.

"He's really firm in what he believes," said Becca Lassere, a senior at Bishop Kelly High School. "He marches to his own drum. He's a different kind of candidate."

Some supporters are fully on board with Paul's monetary policy ideas. Among other things, he wants to eliminate the Federal Reserve, return to a gold-backed currency, and repeal the 16th Amendment.

"The Federal Reserve is nothing but a hoax, they are just minting money," said Shree Sundaresan, a Homedale resident.

Ron Paul didn't point fingers at anyone specific, but he did criticize the current course of the American government for a few reasons.

"Nobody in congress can read those bills and understand them, but most Americans can read the constitution and understand the constitution."

Paul also took aim at the mainstream media.

"They don't always report what's going on," said Paul.

Supporters swarmed Paul after his remarks, and said things to him like, "God bless you."

"A lot more enthusiasm here than I dreamed, and I was expecting a lot to begin with," said Paul to the media with a chuckle.

Some estimated the crowd was upwards of 2,500 people. But not all in attendance were sold on the message.

"I was very impressed with certain things he said, disappointed with others," said Chris Doyle, a Boise resident. "Didn't get all the answers I was looking for."

Doyle said he wasn't sure what Paul meant when Paul said he wanted to eliminate the IRS.

Paul says if elected he'll cut back a trillion dollars in spending the first year, fight to eliminate several federal departments, including the Department of Education, and scale back interventionist efforts abroad.