Debates are over, voters decide Tuesday in Idaho

Debates are over, voters decide Tuesday in Idaho
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- All across Idaho, county elections offices are bracing for primary election day Tuesday

In Ada County, election workers opened mailed-in absentee ballots and flattened them to make sure the folds don't get caught in the ballot counting machines.

More than 9, 700 ballots were cast in Ada County during early voting, most by mail.

But election officials say some 2,000 mail-in ballots that were requested have not yet been sent back and time is running out.

If you haven't mailed in your mail-in absentee ballot yet, you can drop by Ada County election headquarters on Benjamin Street in Boise and drop them in the absentee ballot box.

But whatever you do, those absentee ballots must be received by 8 pm Tuesday or they're no good.

Remember, the Republican primary is closed so as the secretary of state's website explains:

- Registered Republicans may vote the Republican Primary Election Ballot along with the Non-Partisan ballot.

- Registered Democrats, Republicans, Constitution Party, or Libertarian Party members, and voters not affiliated with any party (i.e. unaffiliated voters) may vote the Democratic Ballot along with the Non-Partisan Ballot. All voters have the choice to vote just the Non-Partisan Ballot.

Persons who are registered as "unaffiliated" (meaning not affiliated with any political party) may not vote for partisan candidates in primary elections unless the party decides to allow them.

However, an unaffiliated voter may affiliate with a party up to or on Election Day and vote in that party's election. Independent candidates appear on the ballot only at the general election.