The best spots to get moving boxes

The best spots to get moving boxes

How many dumpster drive-bys does it take to score enough boxes to move? Let’s not find out. Instead, try these moving box sources. Some are even good for the planet.

The boxes are green, plastic, and delivered right to your doorstep so all you have to worry about is packing and moving. Not only does 1% of gross revenue go to frog habitat restoration, but the delivery trucks run on biodiesel. It's a win for you, the frogs and the planet.

A locally owned Seattle business, Karmaboxx delivers plastic boxes to the doorstep of movers seeking a greener alternative to cardboard. Renting boxes may force you to unpack in a timely manner to avoid additional fees, but Karmaboxx also gives 2% back to local charities .

Liquor stores
Boxes at liquor stores are some of the sturdiest around. They’re free and they’ll solidify your rep with the neighbors as the new fun party house.

Snagging a used bundle of boxes off of free stuff on Craigslist can be hit or miss. But if you have good timing, then you’ll cash in on a free source for boxes (if you don’t count the cost of gas you use to go pick them up).

Information derived from the savvy advice found in reader comments on, a blog about new construction condos and apartments in Seattle.