2013 BSU Lacrosse: A tumultuous season with a silver lining

2013 BSU Lacrosse: A tumultuous season with a silver lining
2013 has not been very kind to the Boise State club lacrosse team. Defections, ineligibility, two rounds with the flu and a string of injuries kept the team from reaching its full potential.

The silver lining to the roster roller coaster has been the impact delivered by the team's young players - including sophomore Trae Field, thrust into the goalie position from his comfortable spot in the Bronco midfield.

"He fought it pretty hard in the fall," said co-head coach Paul Rocchio. He learned the position, but it's not a place he wants to be."

Field had jumped into 'the cage' during a youth camp last summer. Rocchio -a former goalie - noticed a lot of potential and after losing two goalie recruits before the season began, made the decision.

"You see 90 mile an hour shots on average," said Field. "It's definitely not easy to transition from a middie spot to a goaltender."

The switch has paid dividends for the Broncos, even against a brutally difficult schedule. Field saves 60.3 percent of shots faced - second-best in the Pacific Northwest Collegiate Lacrosse League (PNCLL) division I.

Getting there took plenty of extra work, which his teammates were happy to provide.

"We used to go out to Boise High all the time and just shoot on him," said senior attacker and Field's roommate Gunnar Guth.

"I'd face 60 shots in about five minutes, take a break and do it again until I was tired," Field said.

Rocchio downplays his impact on Field's success, but it's worth noting that Rocchio also moved Kevin Kaup from midfield to goalie in 2010, and Kaup finished his goalie career as first team all-conference and honorable mention all-america in 2012.

Kaup is now an assistant coach at Boise State, with a role in developing Field as well.

"I think I've landed about where I thought I'd be, but I always want to take that to the next level and keep going."

Field is just one of many young faces with major roles for Boise State in 2013. With just three seniors departing each of the next two seasons, Rocchio managed a smile thinking about the future, even if the present has been uncomfortable.

"This year, to be where we are, to learn what we have - it's been a good year."

Boise State (5-8) concludes its season Saturday against the University of Idaho in Bronco Stadium at 2 p.m.