BSU's suspension of Titus Young now 'indefinite'

BOISE - Coach Chris Petersen announced Monday that the team has changed receiver Titus Young's three game suspension to indefinite.

Petersen said Young has not practiced with the team since his suspension before the Southern Mississippi game, nor has Young committed any further infractions. Still, the coach said, the team and Young are not ready to come back together.

"[It's] nothing new really, we just need time apart, and that's the best I can do for you guys," Petersen said Monday.

Monday afternoon, CBS 2 learned that Young was cited September 4th for Minor in Possession of alcohol, a misdemeanor offense. When asked by CBS 2 about the citation, BSU Sports Information Director Max Corbet said the university had been aware of the citation for some time, and that there is a student-athlete code of conduct in place to deal with such situations. Corbet also said there is a committee that reviews each infraction of the code of conduct. He would not say if Young's MIP citation was related to the suspension. BSU has a policy of not discussing internal disciplinary action.

At the press conference, one reporter pointed out to Coach Petersen that BSU hasn't hit a long pass for TD since Young had been on the field. Petersen responded that long passes require significant pass protection and that the Broncos need to improve in that area.