Pitcher turns boxer to help out the team

Pitcher turns boxer to help out the team
CALDWELL, ID - Chris Larsen is a pitcher by trade - the College of Idaho senior struck out 14 batters in 27 innings last year. Thursday night at the C-Town fights, Larsen traded his mitt for boxing gloves as part of the annual fundraiser to help out the C of I baseball team and the Caldwell High football program.

It was only a few weeks ago that Larsen, going into his first ever boxing match, found out he'd been paired against the only participant to have actually ever boxed before.

"He's gonna whoop me or he's not, it's all in fun, it's all to raise money for the team so that's what it's about. It's not about me," Larsen said before the fight.

His goal? Survive three one-minute rounds and make the final bell, which he did. Albeit, completely gassed after taking quite a few good shots from his opponent, Morgan Fredericksen.

Larsen was beaten and a little bruised, but not injured. He escaped the most common result of the bouts as well, avoiding a bloody nose. Fight Doctor George Nicola, a local orthopedic surgeon, said the fights aren't anything really different than a typical fall Friday night as far as injuries go.

"In my opinion, this is no more brutal than a football game. We haven't had any serious injuries, and the kids love it, and the fans love it," Nicola said.

Larsen's bout was among 17 fights, five of them between girls.

Caldwell High junior Alli Bicandi has a self-proclaimed "reputation" as a tough girl on the soccer field, and thought she'd put herself to the test in the ring.

"Mom and Dad said, 'go for it,' and I'm not concerned at all [about injuries] because I know I'll win," Bicandi proclaimed before the fight.

No winners were declared after any fight, save for one Bicandi declared moments after her three-round battle royal against Ashley Van Horne.

"[My favorite part was] just performing for all these people, and for all this money to go to our school, it's just a great fundraiser for our school," Bicandi said. "I'm going to doing it again next year, too."

Event organizers didn't know exactly how much money Fight Night 2009 would raise, but considering it's sold out event every year - the C-Town Fights are likely the best fundraiser of the year for either team.