Fans face a choice on Letter on Intent Day

Fans face a choice on Letter on Intent Day »Play Video
Letter of Intent Day was once reserved for the hardest of hardcore fans. Waiting around fax machines to see the heights and weights of the latest crop of recruits amidst no fanfare. But the times have definitely changed as college football has grown.

Now Boise State fans can join together and celebrate the promise of a recruiting class. Only this year they''l have to choose. 1350 KTIK in Boise has been hosting a live party on the air for years, but with the recent radio contract change to Peak Broadcasting for the Broncos. Boise State has decided to take the party over themselves.

"This is something we've had in the works about Boise State Football being the beneficiary of the Letter of Intent party," according to Brad Larrondo of Boise State, "We encourage other people to still celebrate Letter of Intent Day, but the official party, where the coaches will be exclusively will be here at Boise State."

The other party Larrondo refers to is the old host KTIK still throwing a live broadcast at Buffalo Wild Wings in Meridian. Beyond the locations and access to the coaching staff there is a major difference this year....price.

The Official party at Stueckle Sky Center will cost fans $30 per person, the "unofficial" party in Meridian is still free.

"Our goal with the $30 is to make it affordable for fans, but show the value of the event," says Larrondo, "you'd probably get to spend $20 to $25 at another establishment anyway."