Is Coach Pete on Twitter?

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Screen shot of a fake Coach Pete Twitter page.
BOISE - As many athletes and coaches are signing up for Twitter as a way to communicate directly with fans, there have been more than a few fake accounts out there.

And it's no different for Boise State head football coach Chris Petersen.

The red flags went up this week when "Coach Pete" signed up for Twitter. But is Petersen really a Twitter kind of guy? There was already an "official" Twitter site of Coach Pete set up back in April. So, is someone impersonating the coach? Or, has he really jumped on the multi-media bandwagon?

The first site is Coach Pete Boise- a Twitter account set up in the spring with only a couple of posts - the most recent in May about Kyle Wilson's Playboy All-American invite back in May. The "official" coach Pete site hasn't been real active.

The second site is Coach Pete BSU and was set up Saturday. It's been far more active and already called me out for questioning the validity of the site. And, by the looks of things, this Twitter account talks looks like the real deal.

That is until you look at the bio information: "The Real Chris Peterson." Did the coach forget how to spell his own name (Petersen not Peterson)? Or was it an honest mistake by a fake account?

"Sorry about the misspellings in my profile info," the alleged coach states on the page. "That's what I get for having a grad-student put together my profile!"

Well, to figure out this Twittergate scandal, we asked the only person who can clear everything up.

"Coach are you on Twitter?" CBS 2's Troy Oppie asked during a Tuesday press conference with local media.

"No," Petersen said. "Yeah, let's make sure they (the public) know that's not me."

And there you go.