Vandal boss won't fly on Bronco plane

Vandal boss won't fly on Bronco plane
MOSCOW - Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear found himself nearly flying the not so friendly skies on Tuesday.

Idaho's A.D. was traveling to Boise for booster functions before Saturday's BSU-Idaho game. His flight from Moscow to Boise just so happened to be on the new Horizon airplane painted to celebrate the Boise State Broncos.

"I went to the counter and asked to fly out of Spokane instead," Spear said via telephone.

Spear then drove to Spokane to catch a flight to Boise for his functions delaying his appointments but causing a lot of pride amongst Vandals.

"I want to be clear this wasn't meant as a disrespect for Boise State, I just told the Horizon people that I would fly on that plane only after they paint an Idaho plane too."

The Horizon Air Bronco plane will fly over the Bronco Stadium on Saturday.