Coach Pete points out standouts from spring ball

Coach Pete points out standouts from spring ball »Play Video
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise State's spring football season is over, so what better time to look back and check out where everybody stands? Not like depth charts and that sort of thing, we'll wait until fall for that stuff.

I'm talking about catching up with head coach Chris Petersen, and seeing who really showed up and got his attention this spring.

There are always a couple, but when it comes to Coach Pete, it's hard to limit him to just a few ... really hard.

"You see Blake Renaud doing some good things. You know, he's played a lot for us, so it's almost like he's a starter coming back. I think the young linebackers, and Deuce Mataele is gonna be a good player. He's been with us such a short time, as a brand new guy.

"I think Derrick Thomas is a new guy in the running in the backfield, who's gonna do a good job. And I think some of these young offensive linemen as well. The Travis Averills, Mario Yakoos, and Rees Odhiambos, I mean all those guys, they're going to be factors for us," said Petersen.

By my count, Coach Pete gave us about a dozen Broncos, and those kind of numbers could mean great things for 2013.