This one's for 'Canadian Bacon'

This one's for 'Canadian Bacon'
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - I doubt Tyler Horn ever thought of himself as a defensive tackle, or the player picked to fill the void left by Mike Atkinson's ACL injury. For one, Atkinson's a highly-decorated senior, while Horn is just two years removed from playing high school ball at Mountain View.

Injury and circumstance have this 6'5" 265 lbs defensive end sliding to the middle, and filling Atkinson's shoes defense tackle. Not as easy task when you realize Atkinson's listed weight is north of 300 lbs, and goes by the nickname Canadian Bacon.

Size means these two players succeed in different ways, but Horn says he's picked up more than a few hints from his predecessor.

"Mike does a really good job with helping me, all the little pointers and stuff like that. Umm, he's kind of having surgery and stuff, so he hasn't been around as much as he was last week. He's just one of those guys that ... He knows his stuff, and when he says something you just listen."

Horn hopes to send Mike Atkinson, and the rest of the senior class off happy, as they play their final game on the Blue.

Kickoff time between the Boise State Broncos and Colorado State Rams is 1:30 pm (MTN) on Saturday, but you'll want catch our Chili's Game Day coverage starting at 12:30 pm (MTN) right here on KBOI 2.