What's next after Atkinson?

What's next after Atkinson?
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - When we watched Mike Atkinson fall to the ground during Saturday night's loss to San Diego State without any contact, there was worry.

Monday morning, Coach Pete confirmed those concerns, telling us the man they call Canadian Bacon was done for the season.

The Broncos aren't known to dwell on a loss ... game or player. They feel bad for Atkinson, but know there's nothing they can do now except play hard in their teammate's absence. That goes double for the defensive linemen taking his spot on the field.

"Yeah, it's rough. I mean it's hard to see Mike go down like that. I mean it's part of football, and it's something that ... we're always ready to step up and fill the shoes that we need to fill, so I'm kind of looking to take it as wanna make him proud, wanna fill his shoes, you know wanna do it right," said senior defensive tackle Darren Koontz.

"Yeah, it's terrible. Especially with the opportunities that he had, you know, after this. I've talked to him, and he's being optimistic and keeping his head straight on his shoulders, and he'll be fine," said senior linebacker J.C. Percy.

The Broncos head for Hawai'i on Saturday. Kickoff at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu is 5 pm (MTN). You can catch the game on the NBC Sports Network.