Numbers don't lie, BSU line better than last year

Numbers don't lie, BSU line better than last year »Play Video
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - While the big offensive numbers may have eluded Boise State in 2012, their offense line certainly made some big holes.

Even though they returned just two of the guys who started last season's MAACO Bowl Las Vegas, the line has looked down right dominant at times.

Their pass protection measures up well when compared to last season's squad, allowing nine sacks (just one more than the 2011 version). Of course, the 2012 line did so without the sack-resent Kellen Moore under center.

But it's not just pass protection, the road graders led the way for D.J. Harper's first 1,000 yard rushing season of his career, and his numbers are on par with Doug Martin of 2011.

The Muscle Hamster had 83 more yards after 12 games in 2011, but on 20 more carries. Harper's yards per carry this season (5.0) edge the Buccaneers first round draft pick.

Just some of the reasons the Mountain West Conference named Matt Paradis to their first team, and two more Broncos to the second team.

"I think we've done pretty good. A lot of guys already had experience. Even though they may not have been starters in the past, but they were backups that could have easily been starters. So I think we did pretty good with it," Bronco senior offensive lineman Brenel Myers.

"I don't think there's a secret, I think we just play well together and Coach Straus and the coaches do a great job of giving us a good game plan and the whole o-line does a good job of buying into that game plan, and protecting and blocking as well as we can," added Bronco junior offensive lineman Matt Paradis.

The question is, does it continue on Saturday when they take on the University of Washington?

Everybody's favorite weekend sports guy Troy Oppie heads for Sin City Wednesday morning and will have complete coverage of Boise State's bowl week starting Wednesday night.

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