Boise State's Big East schedule ... sorta

Boise State's Big East schedule ... sorta »Play Video
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Big East Conference announced some of their 2013 football schedule Tuesday, minus the dates and times. It might be vague, but Bronco Nation knows who they'll play and where.

Comparing their road games this year in the Mountain West with the Big East, the Broncos are going to put more than 2,000 extra miles on their odometer. That number would be even bigger if Boise State hadn't played in Hawai'i this year.

The Broncos head to the Eastern time zone twice, once to Philadelphia for the Temple game and the other in Cincinnati against the Bearcats. SMU means a trip to Dallas, and San diego State will be their shortest road trip of the season.

Louisville, Rutgers, Houston, and Memphis all make trips to Boise. That means two of the top three teams in the Big East this season have to play at Bronco Stadium; great news for Boise State.