Bronco Spring football ends Saturday

Bronco Spring football ends Saturday
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise State spring football sprung one month ago tomorrow, the Broncos took a spring break from spring ball, but for the most part it's been hitting the field for yet another spring practice.

Boise State will break up the monotony Saturday when they hit the blue turf of Bronco Stadium for the annual Blue and Orange game. It's a welcome departure from the grind for Bronco football players who finally get to play for real.

"Yeah, it's always nice to go live. It's gonna be a big crowd here, a lot of friends and family and things like that. And we've been waiting to go live for a minute now. It's kind of sad that it's gonna be over already, Spring ball went fast, and yeah we're ready for the game," said sophomore defensive back Darian Thompson.

"I think the best thing about the Spring Game is just having people in the stadium. It definitely changes it for the players, and they haven't had that all spring, and now just to get some different energy in the stadium ... performance anxiety goes way up, it changes everything," added head coach Chris Petersen.

Your chance to see the new-look Boise State Bronco football team is 5 pm (MTN) this Saturday at Bronco Stadium.