Bronco Tennis set to start 2013 season

Bronco Tennis set to start 2013 season
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Bronco Nation, how are you going to decide what to do on Saturday? Greg Patton, and the Boise State tennis team gives you another option as they their 2013 season with back-to-back matches.

The team has new faces at the one and two positions, and some impressive freshmen playing very important roles. Bronco head coach Greg Patton - a 20 year veteran who is still the most boisterous coach on campus - called it the dawn of a new dynasty.

"I've had the best recruiting year of my life - two teams top-ten in the nation and two more guys coming next year to join those guys. So we've got a power base of experience and we got a bunch of guys to hold them up with this youthful exuberance," said Patton.

Hard to believe Coach Patton doesn't have something to do with that youthful exuberance.

Saturday's double-header begins at 10:30 am (MTN) against Montana, and the Broncos move on to a conference clash against Air Force at 6 pm (MTN). Both matches go down at the Boas Bubbles near campus.