Greg & Garrett Patton sharing their love of tennis and the Broncos

Greg & Garrett Patton sharing their love of tennis and the Broncos
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boise State's Garrett Patton beats just about anyone on the tennis court, even his head coach, but he just calls him Dad.

"I think I've taken him since the age of six. would he say the same thing? maybe since 66," said BSU junior tennis player Garrett Patton

"No way! That little rat! There's no way. He was 13. I was kicking his butt when he was six years old, I've got the film to prove it," argued BSU tennis coach Greg Patton.

Despite the disagreement, Greg Patton's figured out the balance of being a father and coach.

"My interaction with him on the court is purely business, and once we're away from the court we don't say a thing about tennis," said Greg Patton.

"It's special what we have. It's make the whole college tennis experience that much more fulfilling," added Garret Patton.

Of course, Coach and Garrett share the same last name, but here on the tennis courts they're surrounded by plenty of siblings in arms, or rather racquets.

"These nine guys are all my sons. I treat them like my son, I love them like my son, and I told Garrett and the team Garrett has eight brothers," said Greg Patton.

"We're all brothers. They compare the way we walk and sometimes we wear the same clothes or order the same meals," said Garrett Patton.

With the season Thursday against Montana State, Coach Patton's aiming for his 13th conference title in 18 seasons, and third-straight Mountain West team championship. He's positive Garrett and his brothers can do it.
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