NCAA Rules Committee leaves Broncos feeling blue

NCAA Rules Committee leaves Broncos feeling blue »Play Video
(KBOI) - Since joining the Mountain West in 2011, the conference hasn't allowed the Boise State football team to wear blue jerseys on their home blue turf ... at least during league games.

Bronco Nation loved hearing that stipulation was not part of BSU's new agreement with the Mountain, but the 2013 Broncos still might be out of luck.

The NCAA Rules Committee opposes that colorful behavior, in all its shade. Going so far as to propose a new rule requiring teams to have either jerseys or pants that contrast in color with their playing field.

If the proposal passes, Bronco Nation will, once again, be left without their signature home field look. The committee also proposed less-targeted rules to help the safety of student athletes. For a complete look at the proposal click here.