Nevada AD laments loss of Reno Rivalry

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Nevada Athletic Director Cary Groth
RENO, NV (KBOI) - Despite what happened two years ago, Reno is still a popular road trip destination for Bronco Nation. Through the years, it's probably been the most popular trip outside of games in Moscow, but it's going away after Saturday because Boise State is on their way out of the Mountain West.

Nevada Athletic Director Cary Groth talked with me on Friday, she wishes this rivalry - which spans four conferences - wasn't going away simply because schools need to chase conference homes with deeper pockets.

This is Groth's final year at Nevada, part of the reason she's resigning is because she thinks schools trading travel for dollars have lost sight of what is supposed to be most important.

"I don't want to come to work every day, and have money at the forefront of all my decisions, it should still be the student athletes. And, so I think we've gotten away from that, many schools, many institutions, many athletic directors, many conference commissioners. We need to slow down and try to figure out what we're doing and where we're headed," said Groth.

Not only will this football rivalry end, but Groth told me getting Nevada on non-football schedules isn't incredibly likely, either. Based on ticket sales, Reno officials are expecting about half the number of Bronco fans this year, compared to two years ago. But day turned to night on Friday, Bronco fans were easier and easier to spot. All of them Eager to take in the final game of this long-time rivalry.