No venue too far for 'BSU Pimp'

No venue too far for 'BSU Pimp' »Play Video
Blu Kaboy travels near and far to see his beloved Broncos.

ATLANTA (KBOI) - On any given day, Blu Kaboy looks pretty good in his outfit, but on game days, his suits are a little more vibrant.

“White, pink, blue, black, orange and then I’ve got another one that’s sequins,” said Kaboy, describing his suit collection that he wears to Boise State games.

In 2004, Kaboy took on the role as the polarizing WAC-Daddy, because he felt BSU owned the conference. And those suites cost about $300 each.

“People kept asking me to do it,” Kaboy said. “I was going to quit when we left the WAC because I wasn’t going to be the WAC-Daddy anymore.”

Kaboy kept the south end zone as his home. He hasn’t missed a home game since he took on his alter ego and travels to nearly every home game, including to Atlanta.

“I’ve got two big duffle bags,” Kaboy said. “Some of the things that I have actually have circuits in them so they really have to inspect them. So don’t get behind me if you are going to go to the game.”

But regardless of how the Broncos fare, Kaboy will always be back, and so will other fans.

“We’ll be loud there also, no matter how small amount,” he said. “We could have 100 people and they’d be louder than 5,000 of theirs.”