Shoemaker hoping for another NFL chance

Shoemaker hoping for another NFL chance »Play Video
Tyler Shoemaker became the first former Boise State player released by an NFL team this off-season. Cuts are part of the game, but the way Tampa Bay announced his departure raised a lot of questions.

"Waived/left squad" was the official transaction text. Shoemaker did not return messages in the weeks that followed, but did talk to KMVT-TV in Twin Falls Saturday at a state all-star football game.

Shoemaker told KMVT he didn't feel like he was fitting in with the Buccaneers and when he talked to coaches about it, the decision to leave the team was a mutual one.

"Now I'm just kind of waiting to see what happens," Shoemaker said. He is relying on his agent to get back into an NFL camp, and doing his best to stay in shape and stay positive until that opportunity comes.

"You just never know what will happen. [I'll] try to set up some backup plans in case football's not for me any more and then see what we have."

Shoemaker's options could also include the Canadian Football League or Arena Football, although the AF1 season is currently winding down.