Yotes happy to get ski season started

(CALDWELL, Idaho) - Last year the College of Idaho Men and Women's Ski Teams won Freestyle National Championships in the same year for the first time ever. The lack of snow this year has cut the ski season in half and the Yotes title defense is three weeks behind schedule. Troy Oppie has the story.

Meet Elliott Gould ... senior at the College of Idaho. Winter's delay has meant lots more time in here, than out here.

"It's always kind of frustrating when you can't get prime training conditions, but that's just one of the traits of the coyote - being able to adapt," said Gould.

After two cancelled meets, the team travels to Snoqualmie Pass in Washington for its first competition this year having just three days of on-snow training.

"Due to things out of our control, we've lost almost half our season," said Head Coach Ron Bonneau.

"Getting into that aggressive natiure, remembering how to race and just competing with ferocity.... one of the things you get from getting in gates is feeling that," said Gould.

Being competitive, having timing, it's not everything but it is important.
Lack of snow has meant more time in the weight room, but Bonneau had some fun up his sleeve too.

"We entertained ourselves with some ice skating at Idaho Ice World, and that was great as a release. We've looked at bowling - whatever things we think we can keep ourselves together with, to keep and maintain this team concept," said Bonneau.

It hasn't been ideal, but the slow start might mean better stamina at the end of the season, when the Yotes go for back-to-back team freestyle national titles.