Bronco freshman multi-tasking on the softball field

Bronco freshman multi-tasking on the softball field
Bronco freshman Makenna Weir has started at four different positions on the softball field so far this year - none her natural position of shortstop.

First came second base, then left field and third base for the versatile freshman. Weir has the third best batting average on the team and was hard to leave off the lineup card.

When the team suffered a personnel shortage behind the plate, Weir added catcher to her repertoire - a position she hadn't played since she was 14 years old.

"If me playing different post on the field gives me an opportunity to hit more, I'm all for it," Weir said.

She's played in 12 games behind the plate so far.

"Being able to see the whole field and having control back there: it's been hard but I've really grown to like it."

Weir's versatility has caught her teammates eye as well as their trust.

"We feel confident that we can put her anywhere and she'll help us get a win and make those outs," junior Devon Bridges said. "Coming from a freshman, it's awesome."

Boise State softball graduated its original recruits after the 2012 season, and coach Erin Thorpe said players like Weir were much-needed this season.

"We were in a position this year where we were going to need some our new athletes to step up and we have had quite a few of them come in and step up," Thorpe said.

Of the eight freshman on the roster, four have started 14 or more games already this season. Weir tops the list with 28 starts in 32 games.

"She's doing a great job," Thorpe said. "It's really hard, especially as a freshman, to come in and make that adjustment, playing multiple positions, she's done a great job."

Boise State lost and tied number 18 Tulsa in a Sunday doubleheader. The team is on the road until April 19th.