Coach Patton likes BSU's draw in the NCAA Tennis Tournament

Coach Patton likes BSU's draw in the NCAA Tennis Tournament »Play Video
Greg Patton shows off a big smile after learning where the Broncos will start their NCAA Tournament Trek.
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Boise State men's tennis team cheered while learning their fate Tuesday afternoon when the NCAA announced the men's tournament bracket.

The Broncos won the Mountain West Conference, so they already knew they were in. They just didn't know who or where they were playing. Head coach Greg Patton uses one of his many metaphors to explain the situation.

"I knew I was in the dance, the prom, I just didn't know who I'd be dancing with, and I didn't even know where the prom was at, I was on the bus going to the prom. So I know where the prom is at, I know who I'm dancing with, and now it's our responsibility to pick the music. Is it going to be a joyful, glorious, victorious song? Yeah."

The NCAA seeded the top 16 teams in the tournament, and the host team in Boise State's region is No. 7 Tennessee.

After losing to the Volunteers last season, the Broncos know the Volunteers well. Coach Patton says his team will be better this time around, but he's not looking past Clemson in the first round.