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Local Help authorities capture KBOI's Most Wanted (Photo Gallery)
Here you will find KBOI's most wanted suspects as determined by local and state police agencies. Listed with each suspect's mug shot is the person's name, warrant and available bond information. If you know where any of these suspects are you can call 208-343-COPS or you can submit a tip via Crime Stoppers Website. Do not try and apprehend any of these suspects.

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YouNews Sawtooth Mountain Areas Sawtooth Mountain Areas
Beautiful sites at the Sawtooth mountain range during the end of summer. Mt. McGowen is easily viewed not far from Stanley, at Stanley lake. The viewpoint of the whole Sawtooth range is located several miles south of Stanley. The Salmon River winds along the Highway in front of the range.




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Local What do you do in an active shooter incident? What do you do in an active shooter incident? (Video)
Homeland Security offers a course to help you make a plan for survival in an active shooter incident. You can do it as you're sitting in a theater, in other public places, or at work.

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Sports Broncos roll past Concordia
The Broncos shot 49.3% from the field, hit 11 three pointers, and finished 21 of 26 at the free throw line.

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Home Lion cubs tackle pumpkins Lion cubs tackle pumpkins
The lion cubs at the Columbus Zoo were treated to a bunch of pumpkins. The cubs didn't have much luck biting into them.
Home Meteor lights up sky over Bangkok Meteor lights up sky over Bangkok
There was quite a light display in the sky over Bangkok, Thailand Monday night. A bright flash of light could be seen for miles. The Thai Astronomical Society later confirmed that it was a falling meteor.


Business Ferrari hometown overwhelmed by roar of test-driving fans Ferrari hometown overwhelmed by roar of test-driving fans (Photo Gallery)
In the streets of Maranello, the hometown of Ferrari, the roar of the famed sports car is no longer the occasional bragging right of a proud new owner, but a constant backdrop as a number of test-drive businesses give would-be Schumachers the chance to rev up and peel out.
Business Local free community college plans may be template for US Local free community college plans may be template for US
An economic engine. A jumpstart for lower-income students. A partnership with businesses to groom a workforce. The idea of free community college has been touted as all these, by President Barack Obama, Democratic presidential candidates, and some Republicans.


Technology Smartphones overtake desktops for holiday shopping Smartphones overtake desktops for holiday shopping
For the first time, there's expected to be more people visiting retailers' web sites through their smartphones than on desktop computers or tablets during the first weekend of the holiday shopping season that begins on Thanksgiving Day.

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Technology Target profit climbs as customer traffic increases
Target says its sales rose 1.9 percent at established locations in the third quarter as it worked to revive its business by strengthening flagship categories like clothing and children's products.

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Health Link Google, Heart Association team up on new research venture
A company whose name is synonymous with eyeballs on the Internet is turning its attention to hearts. Google Life Sciences, a research group recently spun off from its parent corporation, is teaming with the American Heart Association in a $50 million project to find new ways to fight heart disease.



Entertainment Poland will not extradite Roman Polanski to the U.S.
Poland will not extradite Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski to the U.S. in an almost 40-year-old case after prosecutors declined to challenge a court ruling against the extradition request.