Michael Locklear


Michael Locklear
Michael Locklear
Michael is new to the Treasure Valley after growing up on the East Coast. He began reporting for KBOI 2News in August 2013. Michael was born in North Carolina and lived in Louisiana and West Virginia before going to high school and college in Ohio. He graduated from Ohio University with a broadcast journalism degree.

Michael reported, anchored and produced Newswatch, a live half-hour newscast that aired weeknights on WOUB, the PBS affiliate for southeast Ohio. He interned at the Ohio Statehouse during the 2012 election season, which meant chasing presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as they criss-crossed the Buckeye State. Michael also produced a piece on how an Ohio law had impacted prison overcrowding.

Spain was his home in early 2012. He studied Spanish and lived with a host family in Toledo, a city just south of Madrid. He can speak a bit of Spanish, but he'll tell you he's far from fluent.

Boise is still new to Michael, but he's struck by the beauty of the region. Red lights are great opportunities to take a peek at what's in the distance (although Michael feels as though he's hit the "green light jackpot" when he's coasting down streets with timed lights).

Reporting is the perfect excuse to explore many parts of the Treasure Valley, so if something interests you or gets your neighbors talking, Michael would like to hear about it. You can email him at mlocklear@kboi2.com. He's also on Twitter, @MichaelKBOI.

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