Four same sex couples file a lawsuit to change Idaho law on marriage

Four same sex couples file a lawsuit to change Idaho law on marriage »Play Video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Four  Boise same sex couples are taking on the state constitution.  They have filed a lawsuit challenging the marriage law in Idaho. The Idaho Constitution only recognizes a marriage between a man and a woman.

Attorneys for the couples say that two couples tried to apply at the Ada County Courthouse for a marriage license and were denied. Two other couples in the lawsuit that were married in other states, New York and California want their marriage to be recognized in Idaho.

Amber Beierle  and Rachael Robertson say they met through friends and connected online.  Rachael says she brought her whole family on their first date and now they're talking marriage. "it's just natural.  It's just who we are, you know, we just happen to be together,' Beierle said.

Robertson and Beierle say they are hoping that a right leaning Idaho may be ready for a left turn. "Everybody's just starting to be more accepting because people are feeling more comfortable coming out and telling their families and being who they are. So people do accept that. Your still the same person and your still loved,' Robertson said.

This is the first challenge to the marriage law in Idaho. The defendants in the lawsuit, the Governor and Ada County have 21 days to decide if they will defend the law and take it to court.