Troopers gear up for winter storms

Troopers gear up for winter storms »Play Video
BOISE - The only snow Corporal Scott Tulleners can see during today's afternoon commute is on the mountains.

But he knows the time has come to prepare for winter.

Idaho State Police started loading up snow gear Friday, just in case a storm hits the valley over night.

And drivers like Travis Hymas are studying up on their old tricks.

"Just pretend like there's an egg underneath the gas pedal under your break," Hymas said. "Don't push anything too hard and you'll be alright."

Cautious driving is even more important to Tulleners this year.

"If you lose control on snow and icy roads, it's simply because you're driving too fast for the road conditions," Tulleners said. "You can't blame it on the conditions of the roadway."

Last winter, Cpl. Tulleners came within inches of losing his life, after a driver almost slammed into him.

"She was going about 55 miles an hour on icy roads," he said. "She hit her breaks, lost control and skidded into the back of us sideways."

Reed Hollinshead, with the Idaho Transportation Department, says they're ready with sand, Magnesium Chloride and dozens of other winter storms under their belts.

"We're prepared," Hollinshead said. "We've got the equipment and we've got the manpower."

And if you're heading out for a last minute trip, maybe a football game, don't forget to put a stop at an auto parts store in the playbook.

Matt Dyson, manager of Napa Auto Parts, is helping drivers stock up.

"We sold three sets of chains today," Dyson said. "So people are gearing up and getting ready for winter."

So if the white flakes end up making their way down the mountain Friday night, Tulleners says watch your speeds, the road and the vehicles in front of you.

To check road conditions dial 511, to hear a report across Idaho.