Bronco Nation upset over Moore's 4th place Heisman finish

Bronco Nation upset over Moore's 4th place Heisman finish »Play Video
BOISE - The votes are in and the landslide victory for the Heisman Trophy is claimed by Cam Newton.

Saturday Night the Auburn quarterback swept the four finalists in the race for the top price in college football. While that news wasn't surprising the fact the Bronco QB Kellen Moore came in fourth may have been.

Auburn's Cam Newton received 2,263 points while Andrew Luck tallied 1,079 points. The Tiger's National Title challenger, the Oregon Ducks' running back LaMichael James garnered 916 points with Boise State's Kellen Moore getting 635 points.

"I think he's earned it," Roy Baxter, a Bronco fan watching the announcement, said. "I think Kellen Moore is one of the best quarterbacks I've ever seen in my life."

Others shouted "Scam Newton" when the winner was announced. Many across the nation and here in Boise think the pay-for-play scheme involving Newton's dad should have disqualified the winner.

But still, many Bronco fans say it's an honor for Boise State to be represented and that Moore has another year to prove himself.

"We have to remember he's only a junior and he has his senior year coming up which he will probably do just the exact same thing so he'll probably be back there," Kyle Jones, another Bronco fan, said.