Police nab suspected smartphone robber in simple sting

Police nab suspected smartphone robber in simple sting »Play Video
NAMPA - One brand new cell phone is now back with its rightful owner.

Cops say Brian James Westerfield stole a smartphone from a guy near the Walmart in Nampa. The victim had just bought the phone and was downloading apps when they say Westerfield took the phone and took off.

He got away the first time but when the victim and police got together they came up with a plan to call the stolen phone and talk to the man who took it.

"The suspect didn't know that he was talking with the police," Sgt. Mike Wagoner said. "(They) dickered over the price for the phone and so when the suspect did show up the police obviously where there to meet him."

They arrested him after he tried to run he tripped and fell face first onto the ground. Nampa police say sometimes the most simple solution is the best one. It made for an easy sting: the set-up to get the phone and find the guy who stole it.

If convicted Westerfield could face anywhere from five years to life in prison. The victim now has his smart phone back.