Nampa teen solves Intermountain Gas problem

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When Intermountain Gas discovered a problem with one of its tanks, managers turned to a Nampa high school student for the solution.

"When I was doing it it didn't really feel like anything out of the normal for the lab procedures we were doing and as far as I saw the only thing that was different was I was doing it for a different group." says Nampa senior Kenrik Goettsche.

Intermountain got a hold of the senior by contacting one of his teachers, a former engineer with another local company. The trio, which also included a professor at NNU got to work right away.

"So we entered into the CSI mode and asked the right questions as to determine whether or not water could have possibly gotten into their tank." says Nampa Chemistry teacher Jim Kusterer.

The group solved the problem, and had a good time doing it.

"It's not often that we get an opportunity to do a collaboration with industry and a high school student or a high school in general." says NNU associate professor of chemistry Jerry Harris.

The trio saved Intermountain Gas thousands of dollars, and the fortune five-hundred company is making a donation to Nampa schools to express it's gratitude.

"That actually feels wonderful. I love it when the school is able to get funded, to be able to get more textbooks and get more things that we can use in the classroom." says Goettsche.