Most roads reopened in Boise County after mudslides

Most roads reopened in Boise County after mudslides »Play Video
BOISE - Most of the roads that had been closed Monday in Boise County are now back open.

Numerous roads had been washed out by mudslides and flowing water due to the heavy rain from over the weekend.

Homeowners and emergency crews spent Monday dealing with the aftermath.

"We're just going to try and dig it out and get it to where they can get the road crews up here to do the road," resident Paul Whitaker said.

Boise County Dispatch says Rocky Canyon Rd is still closed in locations.

Rocky Canyon Rd is washed out at milepost 1, and dispatch says one house has been at least partially damaged by a mudslide in the area.

Robie Creek Rd is back open after being closed most of the day.

Homeowners are trying their best to wade out of the muddy mess.

"I've never seen anything like this at all. This is like terrible. It was really scary. We were up to about 5 o'clock this morning working on it,"
Brian Larson said.

Larson lives in the area and said he and his neighbor, Paul Whitaker, spent the night on damage control and the day cleaning up.

"We came out and found mud and water up almost to the doorknob, about three foot up and we worked until 4 o'clock trying to get it redirected," Whitaker said.

Dispatch says Highway 17, also called the Banks-Lowman Road was closed due to mudslides from Banks to Middle Fork Rd. It was reopened early Monday afternoon.

Harris Creek Road between Horseshoe Bend and Star Ranch Rd is back open. Earlier Monday water was flowing across it, and dispatch believed it was in danger of washing out as well.

Dispatch says there are multiple locations on Highway 21 with water on the road, and ice in places.

There are ice jams along the highway that are causing the water to flow onto the road.

There have been no injuries reported so far, but dispatch is urging drivers to watch for water on the highway.

There is one report of a car that has gone off the highway into a creek, but no injuries were reported from the crash.

The situation continues to change on the roads as the temperature warms up. Dispatch expects more flooding and washouts as the snow melts.