Fake website URL not from KBOI-TV

Fake website URL not from KBOI-TV
BOISE, Idaho - A fake story that resembles an article hosted by KBOI-TV is being circulated around the Internet.

The story is coming from a website that resembles www.kboi2.com.

We do not know the origin of this website and do not know whether it contains any malicious software that could harm your computer.

Fisher Interactive Network, which owns www.kboi2.com, is looking into the matter.

Only stories with the URL www.kboi2.com or a community address such as meridian.kboi2.com are official KBOI sites.

Contrary to published reports, the kboi2.com site was not hacked and the security of our servers and site hosts was not compromised in any way. The person responsible for the fake site created an entirely new site with a different domain name and made it aesthetically identical to the real kboi2.com site.