Senator McGee bonds out of jail, experts weigh in on his future

Senator McGee bonds out of jail, experts weigh in on his future
BOISE - Senator John McGee has been released from the Ada County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

Police said they found McGee barefoot, drunk, and asleep in a stolen car early Sunday morning. He's charged with DUI and grand theft.

McGee is serving a fourth term in the State Senate. A politician many would call a budding star with a successful career ahead.

This is why so many of his colleagues and supporters say there has to be a reasonable explanation for his erratic weekend behavior.

"The conduct here is so abnormal. Not only for a bright young responsible politician, but for any human being that I would expect that there will be an explanation," said Former Idaho Attorney General David Leroy.

In court, McGee's attorney, Scott McKay, said medical evidence will be presented at a later date that will clear his client.

"To say that these criminal charges are out of character for McGee, I don't think is a strong enough statement," said McKay. "This is a man that's dedicated his life to public service and he's put at the top of that list, the top of his priority list, public safety."

Leroy said the felony charge creates the biggest ramification for McGee's political career, but believes he will unlikely be convicted.

"For instance grand theft, the felony requires the intent to permanently deprive somebody of their property. Clearly, driving and jack-knifing a two vehicle rig, two doors down, isn't the kind of thing that one would normally associate with intending to steal a car," he said.

And while some say it's hard to believe, they'll stand with McGee either way.

"I have no idea. I just really don't know the circumstances and I'm certainly not here to judge and I will be his friend for life," said Mayor Garret Nancolas of Caldwell.

McGee has no criminal record and will appear in court July 1st.