Complaint: Idaho school districts violating federal law

Complaint: Idaho school districts violating federal law
BOISE, Idaho - The federal government has received dozens of complaints about high schools all over the state violating Title IX.

Title IX is the commonly referred to name of the section of 1972 Civil Rights Act passed by the U.S. Congress that guarantees equal athletic opportunities for boys and girls in schools that receive federal funds.

The U.S. Department of Education isn't saying who filed the complaints, but it does say its civil rights branch is evaluating the claims. The complaint alleges that 78 out of 115 school districts in Idaho short-changed female athletes by not offering enough sports opportunities.

The complaints list the percentage of what they claim is the discrepancy between boys and girls participating in athletics at each school compared to the total number of boys and girls enrolled.

"We have all the confidence in our schools to do the right thing," said John Billetz, executive director of the Idaho High School Activities Association. "We will be compliant and do what needs to be done to get compliant if need be.”

Twenty nine high schools in the Treasure Valley are named in the complaints.

According to the documents, Borah High School has the highest discrepancy of the local high schools, at 12.4%.

"In order to address these disparities, the complainant requests that the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) investigate this high school in the District to determine whether they are providing girls with equal opportunities to play sports as required by Title IX and remedy any unlawful conduct," documents say.

The Idaho State Department of Education told KBOI-TV that it is still reviewing the complaints and wouldn't be able to comment at this time.

The U.S. Department of Education says it will evaluate the complaints and determine whether further investigation is warranted.

Similar allegations are being investigated in Washington and Oregon.


Is your school on the list?

Read the Complaint. Note: 600 page PDF