Don't like one-way streets? Changes coming to downtown Boise

Don't like one-way streets? Changes coming to downtown Boise »Play Video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Big changes are coming for drivers in downtown Boise.

The Ada County Highway District is turning several one-way streets into two ways. ACHD says it's all about making the core of Boise more accessible.

The streets that will be changed from one-way to two-way are 3rd, 4th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and Jefferson. Bike lanes will also be added downtown for added safety.

Planners are only in the beginning stages right now, but you'll start to see construction on these roads next summer and the project will take five years. Once it's done, ACHD says businesses will be easier to get to, and streets will be much easier for drivers and cyclists to maneuver.

"I think most of us have been in a position where we're in a downtown corridor driving around and we're looking for a very specific business and all of the sudden you realize boy I'm on the wrong street or I'm going in the wrong direction," said Christine Myron, ACHD spokeswoman.

"It will increase visibility for businesses with traffic flowing in two directions on a roadway, it will also enhance bike routes for cyclists and will also help folks find parking spaces."

There are a couple of trade offs to the plan. Some downtown parking spaces will be taken away to make room for the two-way streets. And planners expect more traffic congestion during the morning and evening.

But drivers say they're still looking forward to having more options when they're driving downtown.

"There will be more routes to take, so overall the congestion shouldn't be that much more," said Zachary Puett, who lives in Boise, "I think overall it'll flow more easily."

When they are done being converted, ACHD says it will start to look at others to change. Some will always stay one way, such as South Capitol, 9th Street, Myrtle and Front.