Community works to remodel injured football player's home

Community works to remodel injured football player's home

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) -- When Boone Bartlome returns home Thursday, his house will look a lot different from how he left it.

The Construction Management Program at Boise State University is heading up a reconstruction project on the injured Kuna football player's home to make it easy for him to get around.

Projects on the house include an add-on to Bartlome's bedroom that will give him a rehab workout area and a wheelchair accessible bathroom, wheelchair ramps, wood floors that will be easy to move around on, and a large concrete area outside. It's a lot of work, but Danny Hinson, the project's manager, says his crews aren't having any trouble getting it done.

"A ton of people have come out of the woodwork just to help out, and they've donated everything," Hinson told KBOI.

Hinson and most of the other workers on the project have never even met Bartlome, but they say hearing his story is enough to motivate them.

"From everything I've heard, he's a stand up kid and I would really like to give back to somebody like that," Hinson said. "It's an honor to do that."

"We would all be devastated if something like this happened to our family, said Ray Sheppard, a carpenter working on the add-on to Bartlome's room. "It's good to know I can be part of something that's helping someone else. Especially with what they're going through."