Two-alarm fire destroys Boise market

Two-alarm fire destroys Boise market

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A fire destroyed a basement apartment and an upstairs market in Boise on Ustick Road Wednesday night.

 Firefighters said the two alarm fire started in the basement apartment. The resident of the apartment first noticed flames coming from a closet. After unsuccessfully trying to douse the fire with water, the man ran ousted and called 911.

Firefighters said the man made it out with no injuries, but the apartment became consumed with flames, destroying the apartment and market upstairs. Two businesses next door also sustained smoke damage.

Fire crews said personal safety was also a concern because of the location if the fire.

"Basement fire themselves are very difficult to fight," said Battalion Chief Steve Rasulo. "Because if you think about it, your stairwell going down is like a chimney of your fireplace, so all that gear wants to come up, so they have to make their entry down through that."

Battalion Chief Steve Rasulo also added that cold temperatures made it hard too. A lot of water being used to put out the flames froze on the ground quickly, creating dangerous conditions for firefighters walking outside the building.

Investigators are still figuring out a cause.