Crews busy responding to frozen pipes

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BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Crews with United Water Idaho have been busy over the last few days responding to customers whose water isn't working. Many times it turns out to be frozen pipes, and residents can prevent it in the first place.

United Water says when water doesn't work the first thing they do is check the meter to make sure it's not frozen. Normally it's so far down in the ground that it's not.

"(You need) to evaluate the situation, determine if it's the meter or not, if it's not the meter our guys will walk the property and look for any signs that could lead to where the problem is," said Mark Snider, United Water spokesman.

Out of the more than 60 calls crews have responded to so far only one had a frozen meter.

The majority of the time, it's frozen pipes which would mean it's the homeowner's job to fix.

Experts say the biggest culprits of frozen pipes are leaving hoses hooked up outside, not closing vents to the foundation, and leaving garage doors open.

That is what happened to Matthew Summers who woke up Monday to find his water not working.

"I fell asleep on the couch left it open for maybe just a couple of hours," Summers said. "Little did I know I would wake up the next day and have frozen pipes and not be able to do anything."

Thanks to the advice of the operator from United Water, Summers got his water working just minutes before crews showed up.