Overcrowded: Idaho planning to send inmates out of state

Overcrowded: Idaho planning to send inmates out of state »Play Video
BOISE, Idaho -(KBOI) All of Idaho's prisons are so crowded that prison administrators are planning to send many inmates to prisons out of state.

Idaho Department of Correction director Brent Reinke, said in the last 10 months, the prison population has increased by 425 inmates and the number continues to rise.

A bid for prisoner placement out of state was complete and now administrators will make a decision on an out-of-state prison contract by late June.

"We could potentially be start sending our first 200 inmates out of state by August or September," Reinke said.

Several years ago, IDOC faced the same problem of overcrowding prisons and sent many prisoners to prisons in Texas and Oklahoma. The department faced much criticism after several inmates died while in custody of another jurisdiction. Reinke said his department is already making plans to keep history from repeating itself.

"There's a selection process we'll be working on in the month of July but we will also have monitors working very closely with the contractor providing those services," Reinke said.

IDOC officials said family and friends of convicted inmates will no doubt feel the burden of having to travel far to visit a loved one house in an out-of-state facility.