Idaho rep calls herself out for conflict on vote

Idaho rep calls herself out for conflict on vote

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A law that's been around since 1939, exempts state lawmakers from having their wages garnished.

One representative wants to repeal the law and so far it's passed the house.

State Representative Ed Morse is sponsoring the bill. He says an old law on the books makes lawmakers exempt from having their wages garnished from judgments on their state paycheck. But there's no background or reasoning to why the law was passed in the first place.

"Back in that era there was no legislative history (as to) why it was inserted in 1939.  In terms of policy reasons, it's hard to understand why those class of individuals were granted those special rights," State Rep. Ed Morse said.

Only two lawmakers in the house voted to keep the law as is.

One of them was Shannon McMillan of northern Idaho who may have had help from the law. Reports show that she has judgments against her but her wages could not be garnished because of the law.  When asked her about the vote by KBOI 2News she said, "it was all politics."  

McMillan asked for an ethics committee to intervene because her vote may have been in conflict with the bill. The bill overwhelmingly passed the house and Morse says that he is hoping the senate will ask for a hearing were it is headed next.