Vandals in Boise caught on cam; photos posted on social media

Vandals in Boise caught on cam; photos posted on social media »Play Video
BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Several vandals have been caught on video destroying property at the Masonic Temple building in downtown Boise.

Now they are posting those videos on social media hoping to catch them.

Over three months ago, the building manager installed several cameras around the outside of the building. Since then, they've caught several people on camera destroying planters, and throwing soda on business windows.

On June 22, a man was seen flipping over a potted planter for no apparent reason. Total costs for it was about $250.

The majority of incidents happen at the corner of 10th and Bannock Street after 2 a.m. when many people are walking home from the bars.

Building manager Corey Turner said even though they report the incidents to police, there are rarely any arrests. He's hopeful that by posting it on social media it can be shared and eventually they can hold those people accountable.

"I'm sure that somewhere along the line someone is going to say something. It's going to come back and you know (it will be) just karma," Turner said.

Some of the planters are owned by the Downtown Business Association. They said when plants are torn out they often can't be replaced because it's too late in the season.

Turner said while each vandalism doesn't cost a lot of money. He notes they've spent about $500 over the last year for cleanup.

"It does add up and for a nonprofit organization such as us," Turner said. "It's hard to come up with the extra funds to purchase things like that."