Students mock fat people with Twinkie yearbook quotes

Students mock fat people with Twinkie yearbook quotes »Play Video
BOSIE, Idaho (KBOI) - One parent is outraged after seeing her daughter's yearbook openly making fun of fat people. Now she wants to know why it was printed in the first place.

Lee Howard said her daughter brought it to her attention after receiving her yearbook from Lake Hazel Middle School.

Throughout parts of the yearbook, students give quotes to questions on various topics. One of those topics included the question: "When I hear the word Twinkie I think of......"

Half of the responses referred to "fat people." It was obvious from one of the quotes the student knew it was wrong.

"I think of fat kids! Wait is this going in the yearbook? Oh no no no. I think of the minions from 'Despicable Me!'"

What angers Howard and her daughter even more is that the school claims to have a strict anti-bullying policy.

"It's always still OK to still make fun of the fat person especially the fat chick," Howard said. "It's just always OK, and I don't understand it because it hurts. It hurts just as much."

Howard's daughter, Snow, said she was especially upset and thought the school was being hypocritical considering its stance on anti-bullying.

"They always advertise anti-bullying, and how bullying is so wrong, but then they put this in the yearbook," she said.

The Meridian School District said there was a lack of oversight over the yearbook, and that a key person who was supposed to review it was gone during a critical time.

Although district spokesperson Eric Exline said an adult should have caught it, and taken it out.

"That shouldn't have appeared in the yearbook," Exline said. "The content is not appropriate -- it's sending a message that it's OK to make fun of children for anything -- their physical appearance or their demeanor. The kind of things you're really trying to prevent."

Exline said the principle didn't know about the issue until the yearbooks were already printed. They plan to put new oversight in place to make sure it doesn't happen again, but Exline said there likely won't be any disciplinary action taken.