'They're bound to hit something' and crews have: 7 outages, 30 days

'They're bound to hit something' and crews have: 7 outages, 30 days »Play Video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Neighbors in a Boise mobile home park say they've had to deal with a handful of water problems and seven power outages over the past month. They blame crews digging new lines for electricity. 

The most recent problem at Glenbrier Park, which is near West State Street and North Glenwood Street, came Saturday morning. Residents say the electricity went out for several hours. 
"It's, what, 105 to 100 degrees outside, and these homes heat up in a hurry," said Pat Hughes, who lives at Glenbrier Park. "We're concerned about opening our freezers or our refrigerators for losing food. It's a big problem."
Gwen Hubbard said she's been "out of water three or four times and out of electricity a few times" since the digging began about a month ago.
Idaho Power reports seven electricity outages at Glenbrier in the past 30 days but points out that not all of the outages are related to the replacement of old underground cables. The company says it plans to replace 7 million feet of cable in its service area during a 17-year project that's meant to improve reliability.
"Either the blueprints they're working with are wrong or they're just ignoring them," Hughes said.
Stephanie McCurdy, Idaho Power spokeswoman, said she was aware that the contractor had broken a water line but had no information on additional water or power problems.
"We strive not to impact customers when performing work, but locating water lines can be challenging," McCurdy told KBOI 2News in a statement. "We've asked Glenbrier to keep us informed of any issues they feel have been caused from the broken water line and we will work with them to address those issues."
Hubbard's backyard was flooded when crews hit that water line, but she said she understands.
"I take it with a grain of salt," Hubbard said. "I think they're doing a good job. They just don't know what's underneath these grounds. It's been so many years that they're bound to hit something."
Idaho Power says the electricity should be more reliable once the underground lines are in place, but in the meantime, neighbors are hoping for no more mishaps that take out their water or electricity.