Kuna parents hope grassroots effort changes school levy vote

Kuna parents hope grassroots effort changes school levy vote »Play Video

KUNA, Idaho (KBOI) - Parents are organizing to avoid cuts in the classroom. "Friends of Kuna School District" is a Facebook page that brought together a group of people who are now setting up phone banks and open houses as part of a grassroots effort.

"We've assembled a core group of volunteers," said Amber Abercrombie. "We have almost a hundred (to) divide and conquer, basically."

Voters rejected the school levy March 11 by fewer than 100 votes, but they have another chance next month. Volunteers are mailing out flyers and knocking on doors in the remaining weeks before the May 20 election.
They use the library as the headquarters for their phone bank, which runs three nights a week.
"As I started to get more involved, I was just incredibly surprised over and over by the number of people involved and by the press coverage we were getting," said Troy Lambert.
Beyond fears of fewer teachers and larger class sizes, organizers say a "no" vote hurts the whole community.
"We're also concerned that people will not come to Kuna anymore," said Sharon Fisher. "They won't move to Kuna, they won't buy houses in Kuna because as the only school in the Treasure Valley that doesn't pass a supplemental levy, we look like we don't support our schools and we don't support our kids."
Amy Harder said the district has been good for her son, who thrives with more one-on-one attention and can't afford larger class sizes.
"I feel that if this levy does not pass, he's going to be thrown way back," Harder said, "and I'm going to be without alternatives at this point."
The "Friends" are also hosting open houses at each of Kuna's schools. They hope their hours on the ground will translate into votes at the polls May 20.