Pa. abortion clinic worker's testimony is reviewed

Pa. abortion clinic worker's testimony is reviewed
FILE - In this March 8, 2010 file photo, Dr. Kermit Gosnell is seen during an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News at his attorney's office in Philadelphia. 2011 grand jury report on a busy west Philadelphia abortion clinic described patients being overmedicated, maimed and even killed during lax, long-unregulated procedures. But prosecutors say Dr. Kermit Gosnell also abused his low-paid staff, relying on untrained workers to anesthesize, prep and monitor patients before he arrived at night to perform surgery. (AP Photo/Philadelphia Daily News, Yong Kim, File)
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Jurors weighing murder charges against a Philadelphia abortion provider have reviewed hours of testimony from a former clinic employee involved in two deaths.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell is facing five counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and four babies allegedly born alive at his street-corner clinic in West Philadelphia.

The jury deliberated for a sixth full day Wednesday without reaching a verdict.

The panel spent much of the day listening to the trial testimony of medical assistant Lynda Williams, who has pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree murder.

Williams testified that she "snipped" a baby with scissors after it was born and helped sedate a 41-year-old patient who died of an overdose.

Gosnell's lawyer has argued that no babies were born alive during the abortions.