Meineke mechanic accused of more costly stunts

Meineke mechanic accused of more costly stunts »Play Video
MERIDIAN, IDAHO - A Meineke Mechanic is accused of ripping off his customers.

In 2009 KBOI 2 News introduced you to a Meridian woman who said Scott Bragg cost her thousands of dollars. After our investigation he was transferred to another Meineke in Arizona.

Truth Squad investigator, Tami Tremblay, uncovered the same mechanic is accused of same costly stunts down south. Steve Rundquist says he dropped a car off at a Meineke in Phoenix to have the signal replaced.

"I went in for a very minor thing and nine hours later I was standing outside in the dark waiting for a tow truck," said Rundquist.

He drove the car in and couldn't drive it out. Rundquist says Bragg told him he needed $800 worth of repairs, but after having another mechanic check it out it ended up being a $60 fuse.

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