Local teen isn't taking no for an answer after denied workers' comp

Local teen isn't taking no for an answer after denied workers' comp »Play Video
MERIDIAN, Idaho - One local teen was denied workers compensation after getting hurt on the job, and now she's taking her case to the Idaho Industrial Commission.

In June KBOI 2 News introduced you to Karrie Lombard. She had an accident at work after she was told to clean up vomit from a customer and passed out.

"A few minutes later I woke up to paramedics surrounding me.," Lombard said.

The 19-year-old had bumped her head on the way down, and her Super Salad manager called for help. Lombard told everyone she was OK, but a few weeks later got a bill for $400.

She was given workers compensation papers to fill out, but her claim was shot down by the insurance company that pays the claims.

Krista Cromar is the owner of the Meridian store and in a statement said, in part, that Souper Salad's first concern is the safety and well-being of its guests and employees. Adding that Souper Salad followed the necessary procedures under workers' compensation law and as a result, the claim was denied.

"She was an employee and had an accident so there's no question that would be covered," said Breck Seiniger, a Boise attorney.

Lombard agrees with Seiniger and recently filled a complaint with the Idaho Industrial Commission in hopes it will side in her favor.

"I wouldn't have gone this far if I didn't think I shouldn't be responsible for it, Lombard said.

It was easy for her to file. Just go to the website www.iic.idaho.gov and fill out the paperwork. The Industrial Commission acts as a court. and takes thousands of cases every year in the gem state. The cost is nothing.

The KBOI 2 News Truth Squad will let you know the ruling of the Industrial Commission. Unfortunately, it can take a few months because of the large amount of claims.