Ticket holders upset after headliner misses concert

Ticket holders upset after headliner misses concert »Play Video
EAGLE, Idaho - There was a big concert at the Eagle River Pavilion in September with Michael McDonald and Boz Skaggs. However, there was a problem. McDonald never sang.

"Once we got to the concert we sat on the grass and Boz Skaggs came out and performed and then Michael McDonald came out and said 'I have to apologize my doctor says he doesn't want me singing tonight, but don't worry we'll make it up to you next time'," said Shelley Chalk, who attended the concert.

McDonald did play the keyboard for a few songs, but chalk says he was the headliner and should have canceled the concert if he was sick.

"I know people were grumbling the whole way out," Chalk said. "The next morning I called IC Tickets and after almost an hour on the phone I couldn't get through so I drove to their office. I asked what they were going to do and they said call the Eagle River Pavilion."

IC Tickets says they've received hundreds of complaints about the concert, but they're the middle man and have been instructed by Eagle River Pavilion to hand out a phone number and e-mail to customers who have concerns.

"The mailbox was full for 11 days," Chalk said. "It's just not right and if Eagle River Pavilion doesn't make this right I'll never attend another concert there."

KBOI 2 News did talk with the Eagle River Pavilion spokesperson and she said McDonald demanded full payment even though he didn't sing. Chalk says that's baffling.

The singer just announced he will make it up to fans with two shows at the Egyptian Theatre on November 21, 2011. If you purchased a ticket to the September 18th concert you can redeem it for a new ticket, but if you can't make the makeup there's still no word on a refund.