Idaho soldiers bring good luck BSU gnome to Iraq

Idaho soldiers bring good luck BSU gnome to Iraq »Play Video
BOISE-The 391st engineers have one of the most stressful jobs in Iraq. Clearing bombs from roads for friendly forces to drive safely. Along for the ride is a reminder of home that's become an unofficial mascot.

"It started as a secret Santa gift and as a joke I asked if I could bring him," says Specialist Brandon Grenz of 2nd Platoon, known as 'The Punishers'.

"Next thing you know he started getting popular with the squad, then the platoon and now the company." Mister popularity isn't a a soldier or even alive, it's a garden Gnome painted up in Boise State blue and orange and nicknamed 'Blue'.

"He sits up there and looks out the window looking for anything suspicious along with the rest of us." Blue even has his own Facebook page where Bronco fans have found a way to keep track of his travels in Iraq.